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Maxim is a teenager!

December 17, 2007

Birthdays at the Ark are a very special time! Kids get to choose what kind of cake they want and either Barbara or I bake them), we decorate the dining hall, the birthday person has balloons taped to their chair, and then there’s the friendship arch they pass thru as they enter the dining room. It’s a big celebration! There’s a tremendous amount of joy and love surrounding the birthday person. Yesterday Maxim turned 13. Yes, he’s “officially” a teenager now and loving every minute of it. Being a teenager gives you a few more privileges at the Ark and Maxim had been counting the days.  : )

Maxim “ordered” a cake with nuts. He wanted lots and lots of nuts. That’s exactly what he got and loved every morsel of it! Plus he was given a few bags of pistachios and peanuts. He really loves nuts! The gift? He was thrilled to get an official Addidas cap. All in all, it was a great birthday party – one I think Maxim will remember for a long time. Afterall, turning 13 is a memorable occasion since no longer will he be called “malchik” (boy in russian); instead he’ll now be called “parrin” (young man). It’s a big deal in this culture. How about you – what kind of birthday traditions do you have? It’s all about love and celebrating life!

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  1. December 21, 2007 5:47 am

    Great picture. I love that at 13 he receives more privileges — something to actually look forward to!

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