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She’s back!!

December 18, 2007

The blonde Ukrainian with the noticeable traditional hair braid – Yulia is back! Ukraine‘s parliament on Tuesday restored Yulia Tymoshenko as prime minister, sealing a major political comeback for a leading figure from the former Soviet country’s “Orange Revolution” three years ago. Tymoshenko, who confronted a powerful coalition led by outgoing prime minister Viktor Yanukovich, won 227 votes, the exact number required to take office. Her adversaries did not vote. Tymoshenko roused vast crowds in Kiev’s Independence Square in the pro-Western “Orange Revolution” that swept President Viktor Yushchenko to office. She was prime minister for seven months before the two fell out and he sacked her in 2005. They reconciled for a September parliamentary election. She now heads a coalition of her own. 

Obviously it was a razor-thin victory…It shows just how split parliament is and how split the coalition itself is. This means the government will be fragile. With any legislation and reforms – there will be a number of question marks such as relations with Russia. She has moderated her rhetoric a lot. For example – “Tymoshenko says she will uphold the ideals of the 2004 Revolution which pledged to build closer ties with the West and eventually seek membership of the European Union and NATO.

She has said her priorities will be to clean up corruption which is still rampant in Ukraine 16 years after independence from Soviet rule and proceed with vital economic, judicial and political reforms including a corruption-free privatization program.

Pray for the government of Ukraine!

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