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January 21, 2008

Probably you noticed I posted a photo of Barbara, Dima and me that was taken on Christmas day. Today we took down the Christmas decorations and I couldn’t help but be reminded of Christmas day when the kids got their gifts and when they did their skits. I have to say it was probably one of the most memorable Christmas’s at the Ark and also for me in Kiev. Holidays are both a happy and a sad time. Happy to see the kids so excited and sad because I miss being with my family. Which then gives me more understanding of how the kids must feel regarding their families. I just can’t imagine the pain they must feel knowing their families don’t care about them or deserted them. I am thankful God sent me here to reach out to these kids and give them a hope and prepare them for the future. Thankful also for Barbara and the Ukrainians that are part of the Father’s Care team. Thankful for you taking time to read this blog and or partnering with us financially. There’s a quote from Mother Theresa that goes like this – “You can do things I cannot do; I can do things you cannot do. But together we can do great things!” Believe me that is so true and for me especially true as I see that phrase borne out in everyday life in Kiev.

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