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Grace…amazing and unending

January 22, 2008

Today I was watching a new video we have that tells the story of some children that were abandoned on the street by their mother. As I watched I could feel the rejection and saddness they felt during that period in their life. Amazingly enough they now live at the Ark and pray daily for a family to adopt them. I believe it was God who brought them to us for this time in their lives. They are brothers who are 8 and 9 years old. As I look back over photos of them when they first came to us 2 years ago and see how they are today; only one phrase comes to mind – amazing grace! How God in His infinite mercy and love brought these 2 boys to us so we could love them and help them work through the huge hurt and pain in their little hearts. Grace is really an amazing thing and something I, for one, take often for granted. I ask myself just how often do I think about God’s grace or do I really live a life of showing His grace to others. I realize that is a rhetorical question; nevertheless it’s one that I need and want to answer. The only answer that comes to mind right now is this – I pray I can live a life full of His grace.

My niece today sent me this really wonderful video clip. (Thank you Heather!) I hope you too will enjoy it and be blessed!

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