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From the eastern shore to Kiev

February 27, 2008

Today is a travel day going from NJ to VA via MD. I was driving along the Eastern Shore and couldn’t help but notice the beauty of the area. It’s a very picturesque area. Nearly every home proudly displays the “stars and stripes.” And most every business in the area capitalizes on the fact that they are located on the eastern shore by including the word “shore” in the name of their business. I guess you could say they are proud of where they are located.


Have you ever felt like you were sitting in your car in the middle of an ocean?  Imagine a bridge and tunnel long enough to offer a food and rest stop at the half way mark! The Chesapeake bridge-tunnel has just that. Not to mention a $20 toll charge. Guess they have to charge that to maintain the nearly 20 mile bridge and tunnel. It really is quite a breath taking view to see yourself on a bridge with only water surrounding you and absolutely NO land in sight. Talk about a leap of faith??!!


On to more important news. Some folks have asked what projects we are working on so today I posted before and after photos of just the outside of the laundry building. We need to finish the interior and then we can “officially” wash the kid’s clothes on the property. Maybe that doesn’t make sense to you – even for us it’s difficult to comprehend the logic. However, local health laws are quite specific regarding laundry facilities for a children’s center. Right now we have a contract with a facility up the street for laundering the kid’s clothes etc. If you’d like to know more just comment on this blog and I’ll get back to you or email Thanks!


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  1. February 27, 2008 6:28 pm

    Yea, Eastern Shore! Great friends, great church, great memories…

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