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They say it’s your birthday…

April 28, 2008

We have officially entered “birthday season” at the Ark! Why do I call it birthday season? Because in the next 30 days we will celebrate 9 birthdays. That will be a lot of cake and ice cream!! At the Ark we have 2 traditions -on your birthday you get to choose what kind of cake (homemade) you  would like and you get to go to lunch with Jane, Barbara and Zhanna (director of the Ark). Woo hoo lots of visits to Mickey D’s and pizza. For me one of the greatest joys is seeing the huge smile on their faces when we present the cake. There’s just nothing like it!! This past Saturday was Alla’s birthday. She’s 10 yrs old now and her smile is contagious. Just take a look at the photos and see the joy. All the kids rejoice with each other on birthday days. Can you tell we really emphasize birthdays at the Ark? It’s an important day because it is THE day God created them. So for the next few weeks you’ll be seeing and hearing more about birthdays. It’s a great time!

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