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Afternoon Tea at the Ark

July 30, 2008

Would you care for a spot of tea? This was the question asked of our girls as they enjoyed an Afternoon Tea with several ladies from Raleigh. A section of the dining hall was transformed into an English garden tea room. It was absolutely beautiful and the atmosphere felt like you indeed were in England. Our girls loved dressing up for the event and enjoyed how the tables were so beautifully decorated. To compliment the tea we had cheese pastries (made with homemade pimento cheese imported from the USA), homemade chocolate chip cookies and of course some good chocolates. All in all it was an absolutely wonderful experience for our girls – one they will not forget!


If you’ve ever wondered how the practice of Afternoon Tea began, well wonder no more – read on. Afternoon Tea began back in the mid 1800s, when the Duchess of Bedford started having a tray of tea with bread and butter served to her in the mid-afternoon. In those days, lunch was served at noon but dinner wasn’t served until 8 or 9pm. The Duchess found herself hungry during the long afternoon hours. As she began to invite other high-society ladies to join her, having Afternoon Tea became the ‘in-thing’ for the upper-class women. Along with tea, there would be small pastries, delicate sandwiches, and scones. So to my British friends I say – love to join you for an Afternoon Tea sometime! Cheerio!




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  1. gail laney permalink
    August 11, 2008 12:49 am

    tea time with the ladies of the ark was a lovely occasion. it was rewarding to see their happy faces. chopin playing in the background was perfect. thanks for the history lesson.

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