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Tension in Ukraine

August 25, 2008

The Georgia/Russia conflict is not by any means over! Tension in Ukraine continues to build. Just last week in Crimea people hung Russian flags off their balconies and welcomed the Russian Naval fleet back into port as they returned from Georgia. Crimea has for a long time wanted to return to Russian territory. The predominant language there is Russian. In another Ukrainian city, Simferopol, there also was a cry from the people supporting Russia and asking for help from the Russian government to retake the Crimean territory. In Kiev, there is a rift brewing between the President and the Prime MInister regarding the conflict in Georgia. Who knows how it will all end? Nevertheless, tension is high!

For you in the West who don’t really get European news from this side of the “pond” – here’s a link to a very insightful article that was in the Moscow Times.

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