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THE day of decision is upon us!

November 3, 2008

Even though I am currently living in Ukraine, I can’t help but think about tomorrow – Election Day. The way I see it is it is a HUGE day of decision. In voting for the next President of the US we are ultimately deciding what direction we want our country to take. For me the choice is obvious but maybe not for you. Although we are voting for President the REAL vote is for the Supreme Court. The next president will in his 1st term will appoint 2 or possibly 3 judges to the highest court in the land. And should he be reelected in 4 years he will again appoint at least 2 judges. 

A couple of questions that beg to be asked of both presidential candidates are – how, for example, do they plan to slow the growing health care costs that threaten to bankrupt America? How will they encourage the country to save more and reduce our dangerous dependence on foreign lenders?


I don’t believe that any political promise is going to solve our problems. The only thing that will solve it is being willing to accept a whole new way of life. We need to be willing to make some very tough choices. No more politicians promising to socialize everything, which will simply make a horrific problem even worse than it is today.


We the people must stand up, go back to the basics, and once again vote our values. We need to take back our government and get America back on it’s feet again! I hope you will get out and vote tomorrow! I did.



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  1. November 4, 2008 3:54 am

    Well put!

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