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Purity Works!

November 19, 2008

Teaching children about purity can be an interesting task! This week we had Jennie Bishop author of the books “The Princess and the Kiss” and “The Squire and the Scroll” visit the Ark. The kids were quite fascinated as she told both stories. The approach is simply keep your heart pure. When things come your way that dirty the 5 senses, turn away from them and keep your heart pure. The girls were intrigued with the idea of saving their 1st kiss for their husband. I think they understood the message and will long remember the story.

I encourage you to go to Jennie’s web site – It’s critical that children learn at an early age the value of purity. Matter of fact we adults also need a refresher course so to speak. Purity is not a subject taught in schools unfortunately and I have yet to see a TV program that advocates it. It’s become a lost value but one that very much needs to be revived!

Think about purity as keeping the 5 senses pure – what we watch/see or read; what we listen to or hear; what we say; what we touch; what we smell. Afterall, the window of our soul is through the 5 senses and our choices directly affect our heart. It’s all up to us – what will we chose? Purity? I certainly hope so!

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