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Heating up? Not!

December 18, 2008

So now that everyone has been required to pay the huge increase in heat costs, what is the latest move by the powers that be? It’s turn down the temperature on the heat by nearly 12 degrees. Our heat system is based on hot water sent by the local boiler facility that is, of course, owned and controlled by the government. In order for them to “save” some money on gas costs they have decided to reduce the temperature of the water which ultimately lowers the heat. As I write this my room is a sweltering 59 degrees. That in the dead of winter is not warm by any stretch of the imagination!

Ok, so they lower the temperature to save money on gas costs; but will they pass on the supposed savings to the customer? I hardly think so! Many people here believe they are doing all this to prove they did need to raise heat costs. Some are even calling it a “scare tactic” – either way it is cold inside! We plan to write to the mayor of Kiev and appeal the increase. Hopefully he will listen with his heart and have mercy on the children!

More tomorrow on the most important things happening here – we have 7 new children and yesterday celebrated Maxim’s birthday. Stay tuned!

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