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Holiday’s are over…almost

January 12, 2009

After celebrating 2 Christmas’ and 1 New Year (we have 1 more to go on 14 January – “old” New Year) and helping oversee the construction of a gingerbread village, it’s finally time to write a new edition to my blog. I’ve posted some photos of all the various events so you can see some of the happenings. Overall, the children had a wonderful holiday celebration! We celebrated the end of 2008 with a disco night and masquarade party. All night long one of our kids kept bringing me a new mask. It’s been awhile since I’ve danced for 2 hours or more. One of our girls, Dasha who is 7 yrs old, came up to me during a slow dance and asked me if I would dance with her. Now Dasha is only 42″ tall maybe and I am a shade over 72″ tall. So the only way was to take her in my arms and carry her through the dance. As you might have already guessed, she did not object. In fact, she soaked up every minute of just being held and loved.

Dasha wants a family so badly. She’s a precious girl. Pray for her, will you? Thanks!

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  1. Halya permalink
    February 4, 2009 12:15 pm

    Just had some time to check my friend’s blogs besides just e-mails… Was great to see familiar faces… happy face of Dasha being taken care of after everything she had gone through… and a happy face of Jane doing this wonderful job! I thank God for Jane and Barbara and will continue praying for you and the kids you are helping!
    With love,

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