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Inquiring minds

June 1, 2009

The journey continues…can you imagine the questions and thoughts of 2 young boys traveling for the first time on a plane to America. During the 10 hour flight to JFK I think I answered over 5,000 questions. Then in the airport when we changed planes there were another 1000 or so. But best of all was the wonderment that filled their eyes as they each had window seats on the flight to Norfolk. We saw ships of all sizes and colors and even the statue of Liberty as we left the New York area. On approach to the Norfolk airport they were amazed at what they saw. As we traveled along the road to home, I asked them if it looked or felt like Kiev roads. They both had a good laugh and said – “no way, not even 1 drop!” The adventure is continuing as they get accustomed to life in America. Perhaps the most interesting thing for them is the abundant supply of fruit and vegetables. This morning there was a large bowl of blueberries on the kitchen counter. As I was coming into the kitchen one of the boys was returning the bowl to the kitchen and rubbing his stomach and saying – “ummm, that was really good!” You had to be there! We all just laughed – what else could you do?

Pray for the boys as they get used to life in the USA and as they learn English. Thanks!

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