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Out of the mouth of babes…

January 25, 2010

On a very cold Friday morning I took Carol and her 2 ‘new’ children to the US Embassy to pick up their visas. As Elisabeth came running to the car, she screamed out “We won!!” She was so excited that they received their visas and the next day were headed to their new home in Florida. (Quite a temperature change was in store for them!) Actually getting the visas was the easiest and most pleasant part of the adoption process. Getting Ukrainian passports for the children was very difficult since the factory that prints them was/is on strike due to not being paid. Right now no one in Ukraine can get an international passport and no one knows when the factory will work again or when they will get paid. Everything is at a major standstill until after the 7 February Presidential run-off elections.

Nevertheless, passports were “found” for Carol’s 2 children. Thanks to the creativity of a lady who works in the passport office. They were however, the old style but who cares – they are passports, a legal document.

Actually I could write a short book about this particular adoption adventure. Adoption in Ukraine is often not for the faint of heart. The Wainwright family in my book are heroes of the faith for not giving up when so many times they had huge obstacles to overcome. So truly Elisabeth’s cry of “we won” is a great summary of this adoption! They did in fact win – they won a good, loving home, a forever family, parents who adore them, siblings who love them dearly and they won an opportunity to live a life in peace, love, joy and health. They now have a future – that’s something they definitely did not have in Ukraine – sad to say. Praying more children will too one day have a forever family! Join me will you?

We won!!

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