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Hope lives on…

December 30, 2010

Another one of our boys, Bogdon, went to live with a “temporary” family. Unfortunately it wasn’t a decision we had a vote in making. Let me explain a little of the Ukrainian system. Once a child has what they call “status” which means they are officially declared an orphan; then the state requires that they live in a government place. We are allowed to only have children who do not have a “status” yet. Once a child has been declared an orphan then they must have a guardian and live with the guardian. Only state institutions are allowed for their director to be the guardian for the children under their care. We are not allowed that privilege. If we were, then things would be much better. So until someone adopts Bogdon he will be living with his new temporary family. The people in the photo are not his new “parents.” They are a government social worker, director of the new place he is living and our director of the Ark.

Please join us in praying for a forever family for Bogdon. He’s a great boy with much potential! Thank you!!

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