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Getting wired and wonderful surprises!

December 8, 2011

There is a lot happening here in Kiev at the Ark right now. We are in process of upgrading the fire system in order to meet new code. So I’ve posted some photos of beautiful orange cable and trenches that go to each building for the central alarm system. Needless to say none of this was in the planned budget! But all of it is required to be done by 31 December. We are very thankful that we haven’t had much snow yet and the ground isn’t too frozen so the trenches could be dug out.

Just exactly why are we doing this and why is it required to be done by 31 December? Well, check back tomorrow for the answer to those questions because right now I’d like to move on to a more positive story.

I think one of the best compliments we could ever receive is that kids who lived at the Ark and have grown up feel free to come back and visit “home.” Every year we have a Harvest Festival and this year Oksana and Yulia came back to spend the afternoon with the children at the Ark. They both are doing good! Oksana is married and has 2 children and Yulia is in her 2nd year at a technical institute. What a huge blessing and joy it was to have them come be with us!!

Ok, more tomorrow on the fire system and other VERY important issues! If you would like to contribute to the fire system send your check to Father’s Care; PO Box 52989; Atlanta, GA 30355 or go to our web site and donate online via PayPal –
The cost is $50,000 and we have raised $30,000. So we need $20,000 by 31 December. Thank you for reading this! God bless you!

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