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All rise! Then again maybe not…

September 17, 2012

Today was our 10th visit to court in the past 12 months. The process has dragged on and on and on….
The reason for today’s delay is that the head judge is undergoing medical treatment. They have now assigned a new head judge to our case. There are 3 judges on the Appellate Court. Our next court date is 3 October.

Perhaps you are wondering what the photo is. Well, that’s the “court calendar” for that group of judges for today. Yes, there’s a long hallway with several numbered doors and you must first find the right numbered door and then read over the schedule to see where or if your case will be at the said time. Then you wait in the hallway until the clerk comes and calls your case number. The next step is to present your passport and court letter for her review. She then leaves you standing in the hallway and you wait for her to appear again to once again call out your case number. Like maybe she forgot who you were when she read your documents 5 minutes ago? Then you enter the court room and the judges begin asking questions. After all has been said, you are once again dismissed to the hallway to again await the calling of your case number to enter the court room and hear the decision or in our case lack of decision regarding your case. Such is the Appellate court system in Kiev.

Maybe that’s more information than you wanted to know or read but now that I have vented a little I feel better. Please continue praying for our court case! Thanks very much!!

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  1. Debbi permalink
    September 17, 2012 7:28 pm

    sounds frustrating… May God give you patience!!

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