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Double your money!!!

March 26, 2013

We have some Exciting News. A generous Donor has offered to MATCH all
Donations up to $5,000. YES this means Father’s Care will be blessed with a
total of $10,000. This amazing donation will go to continue our mission in
educating, housing, feeding and transporting the children during their time
with Father’s Care. Our ultimate mission is to find homes for these children
and make their time with Father’s Care one of peace, hope and preparing them
for the world beyond these four walls.

We are joining together with you in reaching out to our donor base and
asking that you all get the word out to those looking to give to a ministry
in need to reach the ultimate goal of $10,000 and helping meet the needs for
this amazing rehab center called Father’s Care/the Ark. Here are the details and we look
forward to sharing in this adventure with all of you and thank you ahead of
time for spreading the word.

Follow us on Twitter: @kievkids
Follow us on Facebook: Father’s Care/the Ark
Make donations here :
Fathers Care
PO Box 52989
Atlanta GA 30355
Feel free to contact me with any questions:
Timeline: $5,000 by May 1, 2013

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