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When things just don’t make sense – defrost!

July 17, 2013



Have you ever had a day when things just didn’t feel right? Or when your heart was so heavy you thought it would actually break under the stress? Well, that was my day yesterday until I realized I couldn’t fight the battle all by myself. So what did I do? I called out to God for help and also sent a few prayer warriors urgent messages just simply asking for prayer. Praise God! He answered the cry of my heart and the burden lifted. But now on the day after that excruciatingly painful day, I’ve been asking myself and the Lord what was going on yesterday. No answer! So I decided to defrost the freezer. It’s only been 6 years and Lord knows how many people have visited us the past 6 years. The refrigerator is the “team” refrigerator and gets some really heavy use in the summer months! The ice build up prohibited any opening of the drawers in the freezer! No matter how hard I pulled the ice was so thick that pulling didn’t help at all. In fact I think the ice was laughing at me taunting me to “sure, go ahead and try!” So nothing left to do but unplug it and wait for the mounds of ice to loosen their fierce grip and release. Being the patient person that I am not sometimes, I grabbed a wooden spatula (I knew better than to use a sharp knife!) and I began to chip away at the ice that was beginning to melt. After a few minutes of chipping and scooping out ice chunks, and listening to Joshua Aaron worship CD as I feverishly worked wanting the process to be quick and done, the still small voice of the Lord began chipping away at my heart. Hmm can you see the correlation here yet? He began showing me some truths about myself and about my emotions/feelings. Needless to say it was painfully good. The gentleness of our loving Father is sometimes more than our human heart can comprehend. Of course I wanted the ice to melt instantaneously so I could get on with what else I needed to do. But when ice is 3-4 inches thick it just doesn’t melt that fast. This required patience and waiting just like Jesus requires patience and waiting and listening to what He is saying to the deepest part of my heart. Then and only then can He melt the thick layers of stuff and bring about healing, love and pure joy. 


Now the sink is full of ice and freezer is clean and dry awaiting the opportunity to function whole again, not hindered by the extra “load” of ice it was trying also to preserve. And me? Well, I had a good chat with my best Friend and am feeling lighter and more peaceful. But I realize that this will only last if I keep the “ice buildup” off the walls of my heart and soul. Lesson learned – now to walk it out everyday.

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  1. Sandy permalink
    July 17, 2013 4:13 pm

    So true how the Lord knows EXACTLY what we need and the time required to coax us to accept it-Excellent writing, and I love the visuals! Love and prayers to you.

  2. Alli permalink
    July 24, 2013 5:17 pm

    Aww, Jane…this really touched me. Your blog post might be “Straight from Your Heart” but it is definitely straight from the Father’s heart too! Thank you for helping me remember to pay attention and “be present” on the journey. Thank you for giving all of yourself and taking on so much to love the least of these. XOXOXOX Love and hugs always dear one!

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