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Unsettling days in Ukraine…

March 14, 2014







This photo of the crocus plants starting to show their colorful beauty yet overshadowed by a tree reminded me of the current situation in Ukraine. Perhaps you are wondering just how I see that. Glad you asked! Even though a shadow looms over the flowers that doesn’t stop them from blossoming and growing. They still bring forth beauty and color to all who take the time to look at them. And yet the shadow doesn’t cover all the flowers but just a small portion. One thing will remain – the beautiful, colorful flowers. The shadow will soon depart as the sun continues on it’s way. Thus I believe this struggle in Ukraine will pass and the flowers – the precious people of that beautiful place I currently call home – will last and the shadow of evil and darkness WILL pass! Pray for peace and justice to prevail in Ukraine! Thank you!


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