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Photos from Ukraine…

March 6, 2014

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The resilience of the Ukrainian people is something to be admired and duplicated. In all my nearly 20 years living in Ukraine, I have never witnessed the dedication and compassion of a nation desperately wanting to be free from corruption and well, let’s call it what it is, evil. My heart aches for this beautiful country and it’s precious people. Praying for peace, justice and total freedom! Will you join me in prayer? Will you join us in helping the children at the Ark?

24 Years Ago Today…..

October 2, 2013

Mom, me and PatIt’s hard to believe that it has been 24 years since my sister, Pat, went to be with the Lord. I can still remember the last night of her life as she lay in a coma and I talked to her non-stop (some may find that hard to believe) all night long. Was she listening? Or did she even hear me? I believe she did.

Morning came all too soon as she was wheeled into surgery to harvest her organs. That was her strong desire that others might gain health and life if anything were to happen to her. Thankfully 5 other people got a new lease on life as a result. Was that an easy decision? No!!! But it was her desire.

Many said afterwards, “she’s in a better place” – no argument there but somehow those words were not at all comforting on that day. I think too often we gloss over death and don’t really allow the person to express their grief and pain. So what happens to all that emotion? Of course, we stuff it so people can see we are strong on the outside and all the while our insides are screaming in agony. For me it has been a life lesson to learn to grieve. It is a process and one that we must allow ourselves to do or else we will suffer the consequences. And believe me there are consequences!

Nevertheless, God is faithful and He will help us open our hearts and really deal with the pain of death, if we will let Him. He waits because He is a gentleman and we can’t really be healed until we see the depth of our pain and make the choice to work through it. It is possible and SO healing and freeing!!!

Was God there with me on that day 24 years ago today? Yes! Is He here with me now? Yes, because Love is not simply something that God does, but it is who He is. His unfathomable love for Pat and for me was settled at the cross, and the cross leaves no room whatsoever for doubt. I can never love my sister as much as Jesus does!

Look what’s happening at the Ark in Kiev!

August 6, 2013


When things just don’t make sense – defrost!

July 17, 2013



Have you ever had a day when things just didn’t feel right? Or when your heart was so heavy you thought it would actually break under the stress? Well, that was my day yesterday until I realized I couldn’t fight the battle all by myself. So what did I do? I called out to God for help and also sent a few prayer warriors urgent messages just simply asking for prayer. Praise God! He answered the cry of my heart and the burden lifted. But now on the day after that excruciatingly painful day, I’ve been asking myself and the Lord what was going on yesterday. No answer! So I decided to defrost the freezer. It’s only been 6 years and Lord knows how many people have visited us the past 6 years. The refrigerator is the “team” refrigerator and gets some really heavy use in the summer months! The ice build up prohibited any opening of the drawers in the freezer! No matter how hard I pulled the ice was so thick that pulling didn’t help at all. In fact I think the ice was laughing at me taunting me to “sure, go ahead and try!” So nothing left to do but unplug it and wait for the mounds of ice to loosen their fierce grip and release. Being the patient person that I am not sometimes, I grabbed a wooden spatula (I knew better than to use a sharp knife!) and I began to chip away at the ice that was beginning to melt. After a few minutes of chipping and scooping out ice chunks, and listening to Joshua Aaron worship CD as I feverishly worked wanting the process to be quick and done, the still small voice of the Lord began chipping away at my heart. Hmm can you see the correlation here yet? He began showing me some truths about myself and about my emotions/feelings. Needless to say it was painfully good. The gentleness of our loving Father is sometimes more than our human heart can comprehend. Of course I wanted the ice to melt instantaneously so I could get on with what else I needed to do. But when ice is 3-4 inches thick it just doesn’t melt that fast. This required patience and waiting just like Jesus requires patience and waiting and listening to what He is saying to the deepest part of my heart. Then and only then can He melt the thick layers of stuff and bring about healing, love and pure joy. 


Now the sink is full of ice and freezer is clean and dry awaiting the opportunity to function whole again, not hindered by the extra “load” of ice it was trying also to preserve. And me? Well, I had a good chat with my best Friend and am feeling lighter and more peaceful. But I realize that this will only last if I keep the “ice buildup” off the walls of my heart and soul. Lesson learned – now to walk it out everyday.

Double your money!!!

March 26, 2013

We have some Exciting News. A generous Donor has offered to MATCH all
Donations up to $5,000. YES this means Father’s Care will be blessed with a
total of $10,000. This amazing donation will go to continue our mission in
educating, housing, feeding and transporting the children during their time
with Father’s Care. Our ultimate mission is to find homes for these children
and make their time with Father’s Care one of peace, hope and preparing them
for the world beyond these four walls.

We are joining together with you in reaching out to our donor base and
asking that you all get the word out to those looking to give to a ministry
in need to reach the ultimate goal of $10,000 and helping meet the needs for
this amazing rehab center called Father’s Care/the Ark. Here are the details and we look
forward to sharing in this adventure with all of you and thank you ahead of
time for spreading the word.

Follow us on Twitter: @kievkids
Follow us on Facebook: Father’s Care/the Ark
Make donations here :
Fathers Care
PO Box 52989
Atlanta GA 30355
Feel free to contact me with any questions:
Timeline: $5,000 by May 1, 2013

3 more children have a family!!!

December 31, 2012

We are celebrating because 3 more of our children now have a family!! 2012 has been a great year with 28 children being restored to families. We need your help to continue the work! It’s not too late to make a year end donation to Father’s Care! You can mail it today and it will be credited for 2012 or you can go online and give via PayPal –

We desperately need your your help to continue helping the children! Please consider a year end gift or even being a monthly partner. Thank you and may you and your family have a very Happy New Year!

Yulia and Natasha have a new home!

Yulia and Natasha have a new home!

One more family reunited!!

December 12, 2012

Sasha and her father

Sasha and her father reunited.

It’s hard to believe this year is drawing to a close! We could write a book about all that has happened this year at the Ark. In total, 23 children were restored to families! Here’s just one story….

Sasha is a special young lady with a strong desire to have a loving family, a place she could call home and feel loved. She came to the Ark hurting and hungry for love and acceptance. While she was at the Ark, she learned coping skills, patience and, most of all, just how deeply she is loved by the Father! After 14 months at the Ark, she was reunited with her biological father. The family continues to struggle with how to love each other, but Father’s Care stays in contact with them and helps them grow. Sasha is studying at a culinary institute and hopes to become a chef. She is active in church and by example is showing her father the love of Christ.

Unfortunately, Sasha’s family is not an isolated case. Many families in the Kiev area do not know how to cope with the daily struggles of family life. They often turn to alcohol and eventually give up, putting the child on the street. Father’s Care uses every opportunity to minister to the family as a whole and give them hope through the love of Jesus Christ.

At this time of year, “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” Shoppers rush about trying to fulfill the wishes on everyone’s gift list. Often those gifts satisfy a want but not a need, so we want to provide you with another shopping option. While you are checking your list, will you consider a gift for a child like Sasha?

Perhaps you could share the gift of warmth … a bed … three meals a day. Maybe you could help us take a child from at-risk to thriving by providing:

Food and shelter
Life-skills training
Medical help

In the true spirit of the season, we hope you will consider a gift that will give hope and make a lasting impact on the life of a child. Without your participation we won’t be able to continue helping the children.
Thank you in advance and may the Lord bless you abundantly this holiday season!